Food Lovers Recipes


“Food is love”. It’s a cliché, I know – but it truly is love. Our association with it from the moment we’re born is one of all-pervading warmth, safety, acceptance and satiety. Add to this our emotions when we share food as adults…and there you have it, the potential to recreate those first, essential, life-affirming sensations. Then add the glow of camaraderie, of social and family connection, of belonging, of receiving and, best of all, the sheer joys of creating and giving. At the centre of all these feelings is the magnetic pull of the kitchen’s aromas, the hubbub of steamy, “organized chaos”, the constant discoveries and the undeniable thrill of a shared meal.

Loveladles want to entice, encourage, guide and entertain you enough to try cooking some rather simple, wholesome dishes – as well as a few wicked puds for those excessive family lunches – that look great on the plate. The recipes are multinational as the cook is well-travelled and influenced by a great variety of European, as well as Middle and Far Eastern flavours, whilst growing up in a Greek household which was based in the U.K. …. an eclectic mish-mash of dishes that our friends and families have enjoyed over the years. We now welcome and invite you, dear reader, to put your experimental knickers on, turn your favourite people into willing guinea-pigs, have lots of fun cooking with adventure in your hearts and to try some of them out!

Always with love.

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