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This rocks. Punchy flavours and a taste of the sea. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and this might just transport you to your favourite seashore.
The sauce takes about as long to prepare as it will take you to boil the pasta. This is such an easy, simple and hugely flavoursome dish, that it has become a great favourite with all my family and my children (now sort of grown up – or so they think – and independent) make it for their friends too. I think the photographs speak for themselves, so here’s what you do…and once you’ve bought the ingredients, you’re about 10 minutes away from heaven.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4 as a main course – 6 as a starter)
500 grams linguine (buy a good make – I like ‘De Cecco’)
600 grams fresh prawns – shelled (you can use a mixture of prawns, mussels, clams and calamari – I prefer to keep it simple)
100 grams fresh prawns – shell left on
6-8 cloves of garlic – chopped finely (set aside a teaspoonful of this)
Red chillies – approx. 2 tablespoons – chopped
2 large bunches of fresh coriander – chopped (substitute with parsley if you absolutely have to)
Olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


First things first: make sure you have a couple of your favourite, very dry, crisp, bottles of white wine in the fridge!

  • Cook the linguine so that it’s as ‘al dente’ as you like.
    I usually cut 1 -2 minutes off the cooking time suggested on the packet then test it by biting into a strand. I like it to have a bit of a “bite” and so I want to be able to just about detect a dot of uncooked pasta in the centre of the strand. I never use a colander to strain the pasta once it’s cooked. I just strain out the water over the side of the pan using the lid to prevent it from slipping out and I leave a very small amount of water in the bottom of the pan. Add a splash of olive oil.
  • While your pasta is boiling, heat up about 4 tablespoons of good quality olive oil in a large saucepan.
  • Toss in the chopped garlic (except for a teaspoonful which you’ve kept aside for the unshelled prawns) and chilli, stir for about 20 seconds and then add the shelled prawns.
  • Chuck in the chopped coriander.
  • Season this with plenty of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • At this point you will almost certainly want to add more olive oil. Remember you’re making a sauce for pasta so it needs to be quite ‘wet’ so don’t be afraid to be liberal with the olive oil.
  • Mix everything in the saucepan gently using large wooden spoons. The prawns shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to cook through – like all seafood, if you over-cook them they’ll get a nasty, rubbery consistency which you’ll want to avoid.
  • Taste it and check the seasoning.
  • Place approx. 100 grams of unshelled prawns in a hot frying pan with a little olive oil, chopped garlic, sea salt and pepper. Cook them through – a matter of 3 minutes.
  • Set aside 2 tablespoons of the prawn sauce (to place on the top of your dish before you serve it) then place a lid on the prawns to help keep your sauce hot while you strain the linguine.
  • Add the linguine to the prawns and mix everything together…again be gentle as you don’t want to break up the prawns.

Serve the (hopefully piping hot) linguine with prawns in a large dish. Decorate it with some of your sauce on the top and scatter the unshelled prawns over it as well.
If you love coriander, you could sprinkle a little (freshly chopped) over the dish as well.
NB For those of you who simply can’t/won’t eat coriander…firstly, my condolences (actually, I do understand – you’ll struggle to make me eat snails) secondly, you can substitute it for parsley but…’nuff said.

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